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Did you know that a permanent record of every image you view online exists on your computer permanently? This can result in serious criminal charges for people who accidentally stumble across illegal images, such as child pornography.

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Possession of Child Pornography Is a Serious Crime

Intentional possession of child pornography can result in serious penalties and deservedly so. However, when someone’s computer becomes infected with a virus and automatically downloads illegal images, the computer owner could be unjustly charged with a sex crime that could completely ruin his or her life.

Federal investigators are busy people who don’t necessarily take the time to investigate how an image came to be on your computer. It’s up to you and your attorney to prove your innocence. In addition to charges involving child pornography, investigators are also attempting to catch people in the act of soliciting minors in online chat rooms.

At the Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., I rely on my understanding of Florida statutes and my own knowledge of computers and technology to defend my clients in these types of cases.

Identity Theft and Other Internet Crimes

Crimes involving the theft of personal information are becoming more and more common. The Internet can also be used in fraud and monetary theft crimes. I understand what you are facing if you were charged with identity theft or another Internet crime. I will explain your options as you move through the Florida criminal justice system and I will fight to protect your rights.

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