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In the current volatile state of the housing market, federal authorities are scrutinizing mortgage and banking transactions more than ever before. If you are a borrower, seller or mortgage industry employee facing criminal charges related to mortgage fraud in Florida, I can represent you.

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Are You Under Investigation for Mortgage Fraud?

At the Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., I know that people accused of mortgage fraud are usually hard working people who have never been in trouble with the law. Real estate transactions involve many people, such as buyers, sellers, realtors, brokers, developers, title companies and banks. A false statement or fraudulent act by one person can sometimes result in penalties and criminal charges for the whole group.

It is highly advisable to retain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to represent you in charges of mortgage fraud. Under the guise of a fraud investigation, the federal government is aggressively going after borrowers and companies that many have been complicit in white collar crimes. Innocent people are being subjected to unnecessary stress and unjust practices.

When a borrower submits a mortgage application to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), even if false information is included unknowingly, the borrower could be facing a federal perjury charge. Depending on how much money you borrowed or defaulted on, you could receive hefty penalties if convicted, including jail time.

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