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Making Changes to a Divorce Settlement

When a person’s employment, health or income level changes, it can affect their ability to meet the terms of a divorce settlement. In many cases, a modification to the original divorce agreement is possible. However, you must show a substantial change in circumstances since the final judgment. A skilled attorney can review your case and let you know if a modification is realistic for your particular situation.

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Florida Child Support Modifications Attorney

When attempting to modify a child support order, the parent seeking the change must show that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Both parents must go through the same financial disclosure process they were subject to during the initial divorce proceedings in order to expose the need for a modification.

Support and custody modifications can take years to be finalized. At the Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., my goal is to bring you through the process as efficiently as possible. If you can work together, the modification may be finalized in as little as three to six months.

South Tampa Alimony Lawyer

In Florida, alimony is commonly referred to as “spousal support.” There is no formula for calculating spousal support — the decision is largely left to a court’s discretion. The key factors that are usually considered are:

The need of the spouse seeking alimony

The length of the marriage

Modifications to alimony and child support can go both ways. If the recipient loses a job, the amount that she or he is entitled to may be lowered. If one of you obtains a new job with higher pay, a support amount may be modified accordingly.

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