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At the Law Office of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., I represent people who are going through a divorce and require assistance with the division of businesses. Whether you own a professional practice or run a business with your spouse, you can turn to me with confidence. I seek a fair and workable division of business property and assets.

To speak with me, an experienced Tampa business valuation attorney, call the Law Office of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A. at (813) 227-9642. I offer free initial consultations. You can also contact my law firm online.

Effective Representation for Florida Business Owners

As a skilled Florida high asset divorce lawyer, I frequently represent clients with significant property, assets and wealth. If you are involved in a high asset divorce due to ownership of a business, you can trust that I will protect your rights and best interests. I regularly handle the equitable distribution of businesses and private practices that include:

Doctor’s offices

Dentist’s offices

Medical practices

Small businesses ranging from flower shops to computer repair shops to clothing boutiques

Professional practices

Financial service companies

Real estate companies

Construction companies

Law firms

In some cases, my clients and their spouses own the business together, or one spouse is a partner or shareholder. I work with forensic accountants and business evaluators to determine the actual cost of the business. Then, depending on each client’s specific goals, I seek a divorce agreement that meets their desires. We can talk about your options, which may include buying your spouse out, selling your shares of the business, negotiating business shares for other property and more. I can employ creative solutions to protect your rights, best interests and financial future.

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