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When two parents get divorced or end a relationship, they must determine how they will co-parent their child, including when the child will live with each parent and how they will make decisions for the child. Traditionally, this was collectively referred to as “child custody,” and many states still use this term. Florida, however, has updated its laws to change the terminology to time-sharing (physical time with your child) and parental responsibility (decision-making).

It is important to have a time-sharing arrangement and parenting plan that is favorable to you and your child, as well as in line with your parental rights. You should always seek assistance from a knowledgeable attorney in Tampa who can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Contact the Law Office of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., for help today.

Types of Child-Related Arrangements in Florida

There are many options for parents to share time and responsibilities when it comes to their child. Some types of arrangements in Florida include:

Shared parental responsibility - When it comes to decision-making and parental responsibility, courts often order that parents should share this responsibility and authority when it comes to important aspects of their child’s life, such as religion, healthcare, or education.

Sole parental responsibility - If one parent is not willing or able to make responsible decisions for their child, the court might award sole parental responsibility to the other parent.

Equal time-sharing - The law favors ongoing relationships between the child and both parents whenever possible. If it is practical and in the best interests of the child, the court can issue a time-sharing order that gives each parent close to equal time with their child.

Majority time-sharing - It is not always appropriate for parents to split physical time with their child 50/50. Instead, the court might award one parent time-sharing rights most of the time, while the other parent will have visitation time with their child.

Determining Your Arrangement

There are different options for deciding how you will share parenting time and duties with your child’s other parent. These include:

  • Reaching an agreement on your own
  • Having your attorneys negotiate sticking points until you reach an agreement
  • Participating in mediation, which often brings compromise and an agreement
  • Having the judge in family court determine your arrangement

After you set out an arrangement, you will need to have a parenting plan in place. Your parenting plan includes the details of how your parental responsibility and time-sharing agreement will play out, including specific dates, holidays, transportation issues, and more.

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