Tampa Child Support Enforcement Attorneys Ensure Your Children Have the Financial Means They Need to Thrive

Decades of experience ensuring parents have financial security

Your children deserve financial security. Unfortunately, single parents are often forced to struggle with people that refuse to live up to their child support obligations. Without proper enforcement, this can go on for years. At the Law Office of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A. in Tampa, I take legal action against parents that are not make their court-ordered child support payments. I am the Tampa child support enforcement attorney that you and your children can count on.

Child support enforcement options for Florida parents

The state of Florida has created a number of mechanisms for single parents to recover past and current child support that are due. You deserve a Tampa child support attorney that utilizes every means possible to ensure that your children get the financial security they need to thrive. The Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support Enforcement can recover finances through employers, banks and the IRS to enforce child support orders. Specific opportunities include:

  • Income withholding — Employers must comply with withholding notices from the Department of Revenue. These require employers to shave off money directly from their employee’s paycheck.
  • Interceptions — A Tampa child support enforcement attorney is able to help you intercept money from IRS tax refunds, workers’ compensation benefits, unemployment benefits, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, etc.
  • Liens — Liens can be put on property that deprives the owing parent of their rights to their vehicles, homes, properties and boats.
  • Judicial intervention — There are significant legal penalties for parents that are behind on their child support. In addition to having to catch up on what they owe, they can be sentenced to spend up to six months in jail for their delinquency.
  • Suspensions — The owing parents can lose their driver’s license, passport, professional license, and hunting or fishing licenses due to their past-due child support.
  • Bank account levies — Your Tampa child support enforcement attorney can get the Department of Revenue to freeze and seize financial assets from the debtor.

What to expect from your Tampa child support enforcement attorney

You and your children deserve to have financial security. You need a Tampa child support enforcement lawyer who uses every means possible to recover assets from the debtor parent. The first step is to contact the debtor parent and try to get them to cooperate and understand the consequences on non-cooperation. If they do not cooperate, the next step, is to find the most effective means of recovery as many assets as quickly as possible.

Call a trusted Tampa child support enforcement attorney to discuss your asset recovery options during a free initial consultation

You do not have to go at it alone to recover back child support. You and your children can trust Tampa child support enforcement attorney Mark G. Rodriguez of The Law Office of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A. to recover the financial security that your children deserve. Your initial consultation is free and there are flexible hours for your convenience. Call (813) 227-9642 or schedule an appointment online to begin the process.