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If you are involved in a divorce, you have goals regarding how you would like your marital property divided. In Florida, property undergoes an equitable distribution. This does not mean property is split 50/50. It is split evenly and fairly, depending upon many factors. As an equitable distribution attorney in South Tampa, Florida, I can ensure that your property is protected as you go through the divorce process.

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What Is Considered as Property Is Divided?

As an experienced divorce attorney, I can educate you on what is taken into consideration as property, assets and debts are divided. Some of the factors that are considered include:

Length of the marriage

Financial and non-financial contributions of both spouses during the marriage

Contributions of one spouse to the other spouse’s education or career

Best interests of the children

My law firm effectively handles complex divorce cases involving:

High asset divorce: I frequently represent clients who have amassed significant property and assets during their marriage.

Business valuations: Do you own a business or professional practice? I can ensure your property and assets are protected during your divorce.

Real property division: Whether you own investment property, a vacation home or other type of real estate, my law firm can protect your rights to a fair division of the property.

Hidden assets and marital fraud: Do you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets or has intentionally gotten rid of marital property? I can help identify if your spouse has acted in a fraudulent manner.

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