Tampa LGBT Divorce Lawyer Provides Compassionate Representation for Same-Sex Couples

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At the beginning of 2015, Florida became the 36th state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage, providing thousands of couples the opportunity to join their lives under the law and get the social recognition they deserved for their relationship. The ruling also gave same-sex couples the same legal protections that heterosexual couples enjoyed, including the ability to make medical decisions for one another, to inherit the other’s estate, or to be covered under employer-sponsored health plans.

The celebrations that rightly ensued focused on the love these couples shared. However, after the dust settled, some same-sex couples had to face the darker side of marriage. With the legal right to formalize their union, same-sex couples also gained the ability to end it in divorce.

For couples who fought so hard for the right to marry, the end of that union can feel even more devastating. The Tampa LGBT divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Mark G. Rodriguez provide compassionate representation to help same-sex couples through this difficult time while also giving expert legal advice to help them protect their rights under the new law.

Experienced Tampa divorce attorney guides LGBT couples through complex areas of law to make the process easier

Divorce is never easy on anyone. In addition to dissolving the emotional bond you thought you would share forever, you have to work through the minutia of how to divide your property, your retirement accounts, and even how to share custody of your children.

Working with the right attorney can help make the process a little easier — at least on the logistical side of things. Our experienced Tampa divorce attorney helps you understand all the complex issues that apply to your case so you know what your legal rights and responsibilities are.

Working with experienced Tampa LGBT divorce lawyers is especially important for same-sex couples. Not every attorney understands the specific issues that same-sex couples can face, such as working out custody of children in second-parent adoptions. We have experience representing same-sex couples, and can help you get the outcome you want for your divorce.

Working with the right Tampa LGBT divorce lawyer ensures your future is well-protected

Any couple facing a divorce needs the reliable guidance of a skilled lawyer when navigating a divorce to ensure that they get the best settlement possible. If you try to negotiate your own settlement, you could end up leaving a lot of money on the table and losing important assets such as property or business holdings. Trust our Tampa LGBT divorce attorney to fight for the best settlement on your behalf, ensuring that you can continue to live the life to which you are accustomed. We complete a thorough evaluation of your marital assets and debts, devising a plan to divide them in a way that is fair to you. When necessary, we fight for ongoing support, such as alimony or child support payments. If your spouse is hiding assets, we can also perform a forensic financial investigation. We make sure you have what you need financially to start over.

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