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Many parenting experts tout the importance of having two parents in a child’s life, rather than just one. If you have questions or concerns regarding your parental rights, paternity or child support in Tampa, speak to an experienced attorney. The state of Florida supports shared parenting when possible.

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Representing Mothers and Fathers in Paternity Matters

Determining whether someone has fathered a child is a legal issue that can have a substantial impact on the lives of everyone involved. Whether you are going through a divorce or you and the child’s second parent were never married, child support and paternity issues can arise. At the Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., I represent mothers and fathers in paternity matters, such as:

A mother or father wishing to establish the paternity of a child through paternity testing

A father wishing to assert his rights and spend time with his child

A father is located several years after the birth of his child and the mother is seeking back child support

Protecting Your Legal Rights

If you are struggling to establish your parental rights or if you believe that your rights are at risk, contact an experienced attorney. Call the Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., at (813) 227-9642 or contact me online to arrange a free consultation with an experienced South Tampa paternity lawyer.