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Real estate property in this economy can be a challenge in a divorce. While the property may have decreased significantly in value, it may still be wise to continue possession of the property, knowing the market will eventually make a turn for the better. However, for some people going through a divorce, it may be wise to dispose of the property as there may be a large amount of debt attached to it.

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Protecting Your Rights and Interests in Property Division

As a skilled Tampa real estate division attorney, I provide effective and successful solutions to my clients involved in divorce. In Florida, marital property — real estate property included — undergoes an equitable distribution. In our current economy, it is becoming much more common for a large amount of debt to divided, as well as property and assets.

My law firm handles the equitable division of types of real estate properties that include:

Vacation homes

Investment properties


Commercial properties

Is Property Split 50/50 in a Florida Divorce?

The State of Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that your marital property won’t necessarily be divided right down the middle upon divorce. Equitable distribution means that your property will be distributed between the two of you in a manner that is determined to be fair, given the circumstances involved, which is not always equal division between the spouses.

I can talk to you about your options in refinancing, negotiating the property for other items in the divorce decree and dividing liability. I work with property evaluators and real estate professionals who provide me an accurate value of the property.

Whether you own investment property, a vacation home or other type of real estate, my law firm can protect your rights to a fair division of the property.

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