Divorcing From an Abusive Partner

Our experienced Tampa divorce attorney takes the swift legal action needed to protect you when divorcing an abusive partner.

If you are dealing with an abusive situation in your marriage, it is important to realize you are not alone. Domestic violence in Tampa is an unfortunately common problem, but there are legal options available. When divorcing from an abusive spouse, our Tampa divorce attorney takes the legal actions needed to protect you.

Domestic Violence: Making The Decision to File for Divorce

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, more than 105,000 cases of domestic violence are reported to authorities throughout the state each year. Sadly, thousands of other cases go unreported, endangering spouses, children, and other family members or friends involved.

Domestic violence is often associated with physical acts, such as hitting, punching, or pushing, but there are other common types of abuse that can cause just as much harm. These include:

The cycle of abuse typically begins with a build-up of tension followed by an explosion and abusive behavior. In the aftermath, your partner may be apologetic and vow not to repeat the behavior in the future. Unfortunately, these types of outbursts are likely to escalate and become more severe. Making the difficult decision to file for a divorce in Tampa may be the only option.

Protecting Yourself Against Abuse During Divorce

Once you make the decision to separate from the abuser and file for a divorce, it is important to get legal help from someone experienced in these types of cases. Our Tamp divorce attorneys can take legal action to protect you, which includes filing a petition for an Injunction For Protection Against Domestic Violence, otherwise referred to as a restraining order.

Getting a restraining order in Tampa can prevent the abuser from attempting to contact you either in person or by phone, text, email, or other means. Other important protections it provides when divorcing an abusive spouse include:

Our Tampa Divorce Attorney is Here to Help

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