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In some situations, it may become necessary to investigate if your spouse is hiding assets or is acting in a fraudulent manner during divorce proceedings. As a skilled Tampa hidden marital assets lawyer, I am very skilled at identifying early on in the proceedings if an investigation is necessary. Additionally, as a spouse you may intuitively know that the other party is hiding assets or not being forthcoming about their financial situation.

Do you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, engaged in marital fraud or has intentionally dispersed of marital property? If so, talk to me, a skilled Florida division of property attorney. The Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A. can be reached at (813) 227-9642. You can also contact my law firm online.

Identifying Hidden Assets and Protecting Your Rights in Property Division

Marital property in Florida undergoes equitable distribution during a divorce. For this to happen accurately, each party must comply with financial, property and asset disclosure. Each party needs to disclose tax returns, bank documents, deeds, insurance policies and other items.

As a skilled divorce attorney, I am aware of how marital fraud occurs. Essentially, failing to disclose assets during divorce proceedings is a breach of fiduciary duty that involves hiding assets, failing to disclose accounts, failing to disclose bonuses and other financial items that are not part of a salary structure and failing to provide accurate itemization of cash coming in.

This type of fraudulent behavior can arise in a high asset divorce, particularly when business or real estate investments are involved.

Working with forensic accountants, investigators and other experts, I can track down where the money is coming from and how much money is coming in. I perform extensive discovery of every document, account and transaction. If you suspect that your spouse is not being forthcoming about his or her financial status, my law firm can uncover the truth. Using this knowledge, I then proceed toward a fair outcome regarding division of property.

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