How Easy is it to Modify Alimony Payments in Florida?

How Easy is it to Modify Alimony Payments in Florida? In the past few months, millions of people in Florida have had their jobs put on hold or terminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Even as people return to work, some businesses might fail or cut workforces, resulting in unemployment and seriousRead more

Can COVID-19 Affect Custody of your Child?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many drastic changes to our lives that we could not have expected. With children out of school, many parents are working from home or are out of work, and the differences in how we can get the things we need for our households, families needed to quickly adapt to theRead more

How are Parenting Plans Being Affected by the Quarantine in Florida?

When you have a child custody order, it will include a parenting plan that sets out the specific details of the shared custody arrangement. Specifically, it should have a timesharing schedule that mandates when the child will live with each parent, how the child will be transferred between homes, and more. However, with the COVID-19Read more

How are Pets Handled in a FL Divorce?

Most people are aware that children can complicate the divorce process, as you need to decide how you will share custody of them. However, there are also other members of the family that might cause disagreements and hiccups in a divorce case – your pets. You might think that you will be able to shareRead more

Unmarried Couples and Custody

When you think of child custody cases, you might first think of parents who are getting divorced. However, there are many parents involved in custody matters who were never married. Custody is an important issue for unmarried couples, and there are a few things to consider. When Custody Cases Arise Some people might stay inRead more

Florida Legislator Wants You to Have a Happy Marriage

There are many incentives for states to encourage and provide resources for happy and healthy marriages. Not only does a healthy marriage provide children access to both parental relationships, but it also reduces cases in family court, resources needed to enforce child and spousal support orders, and much more. One legislator wants to make providingRead more

Do Stepparents Have Rights?

Do Stepparents Have Rights? The picture of the “average” American family has changed significantly in recent years, and millions of people are living in family units that involve stepparents and stepchildren. In fact, according to US Census Bureau statistics, 1300 new stepfamilies are formed every day. Stepparents and stepchildren can form bonds that are justRead more

Holiday Parenting Plans

Holidays and Parenting Plans – ‘Tis the Season to Review Time Sharing Agreements The holiday season is upon us, which means a lot of cheer, delicious food, and time spent with family and friends. But as great as the holidays may be, for separated or divorced parents, figuring out how time with a child willRead more

Why You Need a Pre or Postnuptial Agreement

No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Most people enter into a marriage expect the marriage to last. They don’t think about what they will do in case the marriage ends, but they should. If you wait until you are faced with divorce, you may be too emotionally distraught to think clearlyRead more

High Tech Ways to Hide Marital Assets from Divorce

Current technology provides spouses with sneaky new ways to hide marital assets State laws dictate how courts will divide marital assets, but generally, states are either community property states or equitable distribution states.  Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning courts consider multiple factors when they divide marital property.  The court cannot make a fairRead more