Is There a Benefit to Filing for Divorce First?

Is There a Benefit to Filing for Divorce First?

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If you are thinking about filing for a divorce in Florida, you may have questions about how the process works. In addition to wondering about things like residency requirements and grounds for divorce, you may also be curious as to whether filing for divorce first, before your spouse gets around to doing it, has any advantages. Here is what you should know:

The Benefits of Filing for Divorce First

If you are ready to file for a divorce, there may be a few advantages to being the party to initiate the divorce proceedings. However, remember that things are different for every couple, and talking to an attorney about your specific situation is always recommended. That being said, some of the potential benefits of filing for divorce first might include:

  • Filing at a time when you are financially ready to do so, rather than having to respond to a petition for a divorce while you are still trying to figure things out money-wise.
  • Issuance of a standing order, which can put a pause on things. If you are worried about your spouse doing certain things, such as changing your name on a bank account or making a large purchase, filing for a divorce will result in the issuance of a standing order. A standing order prohibits parties in a divorce from doing certain things, such as relocating children or amending insurance policies, in order to maintain the status quo until the case is resolved.
  • Control over the jurisdiction where the divorce is adjudicated, as typically, the divorce proceedings will take place in the county in which the divorce is initiated. This may be advantageous for you if you and your spouse are living separately.

While all of the above can certainly be advantageous, the last thing that you want to do is file for divorce, simply for the purpose of securing some of the benefits above, before you are ready. If you are on the fence about leaving your spouse, you should definitely consider other alternatives to divorce, including a period of separation, before you initiate the divorce process.

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