Should You Tell Your Boss You Are Getting a Divorce?

Should You Tell Your Boss You Are Getting a Divorce?

It is an unwritten rule that, in the workplace, it is best to keep your personal life separate from your professional one. After all, no one wants to stand around the proverbial water cooler hearing the latest details of your personal life. However, in circumstances of divorce, this may be an exception to the rule. It goes without saying that divorce, among other things, is a very personal matter. But it is also stressful. Distracting. Emotional. Time consuming. And, it may affect your work. For that reason, it is best to seriously consider informing your boss that you are going through a divorce.

When facing a divorce, there are times when you will need to meet with your attorney, attend counseling sessions, or appear in court. If you have children, you may be taking on greater responsibilities for childcare throughout the proceedings, particularly if there are child custody issues. It can be helpful and less stressful to have your boss know that you are undergoing a difficult time at home to gain their understanding and support.

What information do I share?

Less is better when it comes to sharing personal information in the workplace. Remember, the reason you are sharing this news in the first place is so that your boss is aware of what is going on, should there be times when your work schedule is affected. So keep that in mind and share only what is necessary, keeping personal details to yourself.

Approach the conversation with professionalism and calmly explain the situation with the mindset that this is only relevant as it pertains to your job and responsibilities. Do not share information regarding your marriage or circumstances leading to the divorce. Indicate that there may be times when you will need to schedule time off to take care of the legal proceedings, but it is your hope that you can maintain your normal work schedule as much as possible. Reassure your boss that you will do whatever you can to make sure that the divorce has as little impact as possible on your work. Lastly, politely request that this information be kept between you and your boss, as it is a personal matter.

Remember to deliver on your job responsibilities

Everyone goes through a difficult time at one point or another in life. While sharing the news of your divorce with your boss can be beneficial, do not use it as a reason to be excused from your job responsibilities. Be clear about any workload concerns at the outset and let your boss know what to expect. Then thank them for discussing this with you, return to your desk, and get back to work.

Divorce is a difficult time and experience matters

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