Caught Your Spouse Cheating in the Ashley Madison Hack? How This May Affect Your Divorce

Experienced Tampa divorce attorney helps you understand how infidelity is handled in this “no-fault” state   Hackers looking to shut down Ashley Madison, the popular site that helps married people seek out affairs, released 37 million email addresses to the public in August — and a whole lot of people were busted for cheating orRead more

Why You Need a Pre or Postnuptial Agreement

No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Most people enter into a marriage expect the marriage to last. They don’t think about what they will do in case the marriage ends, but they should. If you wait until you are faced with divorce, you may be too emotionally distraught to think clearlyRead more

High Tech Ways to Hide Marital Assets from Divorce

Current technology provides spouses with sneaky new ways to hide marital assets State laws dictate how courts will divide marital assets, but generally, states are either community property states or equitable distribution states.  Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning courts consider multiple factors when they divide marital property.  The court cannot make a fairRead more

How To Change a Child Visitation Agreement

The task of creating a practical and mutually beneficial child custody arrangement, parenting plan or visitation schedule can be quite daunting. Once a valid order is in place, it is vital that each parent puts in the effort to communicate and cooperate with each other to ensure that the child’s best interests are protected. Unfortunately,Read more

Florida Divorce Laws Explained

Divorce law is a common yet complex area of practice that demands significant attention to detail and extensive legal knowledge. Over the last few decades, the divorce rate has steadily increased and now hovers around 50% nationwide. According to the United States Census Bureau, Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in the countryRead more