Hiding Assets in a Divorce

Dividing marital assets is a major aspect of the divorce process. Florida law requires the equitable division of all marital property, assets, and debts, which starts with an accurate assessment of the assets the spouses share. In some situations, one spouse might try to conceal assets from the other spouse and the court to gainRead more

Unmarried Couples and Custody

When you think of child custody cases, you might first think of parents who are getting divorced. However, there are many parents involved in custody matters who were never married. Custody is an important issue for unmarried couples, and there are a few things to consider. When Custody Cases Arise Some people might stay inRead more

Caught Your Spouse Cheating in the Ashley Madison Hack? How This May Affect Your Divorce

Experienced Tampa divorce attorney helps you understand how infidelity is handled in this “no-fault” state   Hackers looking to shut down Ashley Madison, the popular site that helps married people seek out affairs, released 37 million email addresses to the public in August — and a whole lot of people were busted for cheating orRead more